Openning Ceremony
Openning Ceremony will be held in Titanic Deluxe Hotel with a very welcome hospitality from Turkish Medical tennis Society.
Titanic Deluxe Hotel is one of the best Luxury Hotel of Antalya Belek.

Nations Evening
Nations Evening wşll start with a nice dinner with small surprises and music. After dinner Turkish Medical Tennis Society will be inviting you a Special Concert at Antique Aspendos Amphitheater .
Aspendos was founded by Greek colonists from Argos that came to Pamphylia after the Trojan War around the 13th century BC. where it became a center of trade and industry with its abundance of oil, wool, and salt.
However, the theater is extremely impressive. It is the most well preserved Roman Theater outside of Italy (it may even be the best-preserved antique theater in the world).
Local architect Zenon under the rule of Marcus Aurelius built this masterpiece in 155 AD. It was a present to the emperor and to the Roman gods.

What makes the Roman Theater in Antalya so magnificent is its spellbinding height of 315 feet. The theater is so massive that tourists visiting feel engulfed by its splendour. You will also find remains of ancient basilicas, Roman aqueducts and other splendid architecture.

Did you know? Every year, the Aspendos theatre is home to an International Opera and Ballet Festival. What a marvellous location to highlight art!The most important property of Aspendos Antique Theatre with the capacity of 15000 people is its resiliance. After many earthquakes, Aspendos is still standing with its astonishing architecture

Presidents Meeting & Dinner :
38 Presidents will be invited to Titanic Mardan Palace which is one of the most luxury hotel resort in Antalya.The meeting will be held. After that there will be the a very nice dinner

50th Anniversary Celebration and Gala Dinner

Turkish Medical Tennis Society is proud the host 50th Anniversary of WMTS Event.
The last evening will be Prize Ceremony of Nations Teams, Turkish Medical Tennis Society Speeches and of course some Surprising Videos, Photos and stories about the past 50 Years WMTS Events.
Excited to listen…All Delegates & Players are welcome to share their very interesting stories, memories to Turkish Medical Society.We will be collecting and trying to present to WMTS Turkey Particients. With a Delicious Turkish Cuisine Gala dinner , Music and lovely atmosphere we will finalize the event