WMTS PHYSICIANS Tennis Tournament Catagories

WMTS FRIENDS Tennis Tournament Categories


Tennis Programs:

Tennis Championship will be conducted under the rules of play of the ITF (International Tennis Federation).
2.B) The World Cup format shall be as follows:
1.1) Categories for female and male physicians – SINGLES:Open,40+,45+,50+,55+,60+,65+,70+, 75+, 80+.
2.2) Categories for female and male physicians and their spouses – DOUBLES and MIXED DOUBLES: Open, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+.
3.3) Categories for non-physician spouses–SINGLES : female Open,40+,50+,60+,70+,male Open.
4.4) SINGLES format of play : 8 or more players ,a“knockout” draw with around of Consolations; 3-7 players, a Round Robin group.
5.5) DOUBLES format of play : 8 or more teams, a“knockout” draw ; 3 teams—Round Robin ; 4-7 teams—knockout or Round Robin at organizer’s decision.
6.6) Each contestant is limited to 3 events :1 singles,1 doubles,and 1 mixed doubles.
7.7) Consolation competition for players who lost in the first round shall be scheduled in all events. (If a player draws a bye and then loses in 2nd round, he is eligible for Consolations.) Players must report their intention to participate in Consolations to the Tournament Referee immediately after the lost match.
8.8) Scoring : 2 sets and a 10 point matchtie-breaker instead of a 3 rd set. Both sets in Consolation matches start from

2:2. The host nation may adopt special scoring if necessary to complete the tournament.

The Nations’ Cup format (male and female):

1.1) Categories: Open singles,55+singles,and45+doubles.
2.2) The Nations’ Cup events shall start on Monday.
3.3) Scoring: 2 sets and a10-point match tie-breaker instead of a third set.
4.4) Any country may choose to play 2, 3, or 4 players/round.


1.1) Participation is restricted to physicians, dental doctors , spouses, and significantothers.
2.2) Participants represent countries of their citizenship.
3.3) The official delegate of each nation in attendances hall be responsible for certifying the eligibility of the members of that nation’s contestants.

WMTS rankings:

1. 1) Annual WMTS rankings (singles, doubles, mixed doubles, Nations’ Cup) are made and accepted by the EC of the WMTS and shall be used by the tournament organizers in seeding of players/teams.
2. 2) The last 5 WMTS tournaments shall be considered for allr ankings. In singles, doubles and mixed doubles only the best 3 player’s results are counted. In Nations’ Cup all last 5 years are counted.
3. 3) Allocation of ranking points: singles, doubles, mixed doubles – knockout draw: winner – 20, final – 14, semifinal – 10, (no win – 5), 1/4 final – 8 (no win – 4), 1/8 final – 6 (with win), 1/16 final – 4 (with win). Consolation winner – 4, final – 3 (with win), semifinal – 2 (with win). Participant who has played in the tournament – 1. Players from semifinal and 1/4 final with no win who play consolation receive additional consolation points (at least 1). w/o counts as a win.
4. 4) Allocation of ranking points: singles, doubles, mixed doubles – Round Robin draw (1 group): winner-20,2nd –14,3rd –11,4th –9,5th –8,6th –7,7th –6.Round Robin (2groups):2nd in a group –10,3rd in a group–7,5,4th in a group–6.If player has no wins–50% of points.w/o counts as a win.
5. 5) In singles the total ranking points are the sum of player’s best 3 singles results in the last 5 WMTS Championships.
6. 6) In doubles and mixed doubles the total ranking points are the sum of player’s. best 3 doubles (or mixed doubles) results plus 50% of singles points.
7. 7) If the player moves to the older age category 100% of. ranking points are moved too.
8. 8) Allocation of ranking points: Nations’ Cup: winner 100, finalist 80, semifinal—60, 1⁄4 final 40 (no win-20,) participation 10. Calculation of points: 100% for previous year, 80% 2 years ago, 60% 3 years ago, 40% 4 years ago, 20% 5 years ago. The Nations’ Cup ranking points are the sum of calculation from all last 5 years.

1. 1) Players in MD singles categories are seeded accordingly to their ranking positions (points).
2. 2) If any age group is combined with the younger age group or if any player decide stop lay in younger age group the amount of ranking points used for seeding is deducted by: 1 age group – singles 30%, doubles 15%, 2 age groups – singles 60%, doubles 30%, 3 age groups – singles 90%, doubles 45%, more – singles 100%, doubles every group – another 15%.
3. 3) Players who have won in one of last 5 WMTS singles championships with ranking position lower than 3 should be seeded starting from #3. High level players who have not participated at the WMTS championships and have been ranked WTA or ATP top 1000 or ITFs Seniors top 100 can be seeded by the decision of the EC of WMTS.
4. 4) In doubles and mixed doubles the sum of players’ ranking points isused for seeding.
5. 5) The number of seeded players / doubles teams: 1-3 participants–no seeds, 4 7 participants–2 seeds (or 3 if 7 participants in Round Robin), 8-15 participants – 4 seeds, 16-31 participants – 8 seeds, 32 and more participants – 16 seeds.
6. 6) The order of seeding:1;2;3-4;5-8;9-16.
7. 7) At the drawing procedure seeded and other players from the same nation shall be distributed as much as technically possible to avoid meeting each other in early rounds.